What do you think about Donald Trump’s upcoming announcement about the Paris Climate Accord?

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My answer to What do you think about Donald Trump's upcoming announcement about the Paris Climate Accord?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Well done President Trump. I would have done exactly the same. How can the future of our Planet be decided by a non-mandatory Agreement that could not be enforced.

Where, as President Trump so rightly asked, is the $100 billion a year of the Climate Change Fund going?

To get serious about Climate Change we need a mandatory agreement and one that will track every dollar spent. There is a lot of fraud in these International Organisations and it is time that those responsible were brought to Justice. I hope that President Trump starts to examine where America’s money is going from Foreign Aid to Climate Change.

It is time that these International Organisations came under the microscope of the Department of Justice. The likes of Angela Merkel and Theresa May are too soft to deal with this level of International Fraud.

It is pointless to have these International Agreements where money is given to third parties who charge greatly inflated costs whilst Pacific Islands sink below rising sea-levels and do not have the funds to support their people.

The Agreement was rushed through with self-adulation by Governments and Obama who wanted ‘look at me’ world praise.

I have been writing about Climate Change for 8 years. I know how bad Climate Change is going to get. We need a fair and mandatory agreement. The whole basis of the Accord was wrong. It did not establish specific priorities and left decisions to bodies who would all require funding without any method of transparency and cost-benefit analysis.

The Paris Accord was nothing more than a money-making exercise for legalised fraud.

Hopefully President Trump will negotiate a new Agreement that will be mandatory and will apply equally to all and with absolute Transparency for every dollar spent.

What do you think about Donald Trump's upcoming announcement about the Paris Climate Accord?

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