For what reasons is Theresa May so popular?

My answer to For what reasons is Theresa May so popular?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I have no idea. Every person I speak to dislikes her intensely.

I speak to the ladies on the till at Sainsbury who have seen the real value of their wages go down over the last 6 years.

I speak to the ladies at Iceland who have to work minimum hours because the Company no longer has to provide a working structure that allows people to live about the ‘just coping level’.

I speak to those on zero hours contracts who sit at home waiting for their boss to favour them with a call to go to work. I have not as yet spoken to any women who are sexually harassed because if they say anything whilst they are on zero hours contract they will not get a phone call to go to work.

I speak to the carers who once a day care for my mum who is 88 and had to wait for 7 hours in the AE ward of the Radcliffe before she was admitted with a potentially lethal chest complaint. They wonder how I survive on £107 a week. I look after my mum 24/7. I only have 2–3 hours a day in which I could get a job.

I speak to the Ambulance Officers who are have to deal with an aging population for which social care is rationed and whose wages go down in real terms every year.

I have not yet spoken to the owner of a company who exports to the E.U. But his company will soon go into liquidation I might bump into him at Sainsburys.

I have not spoken to any of the staff of the NHS who were affected by the Cyber attack because May did not spend the money on upgrading their aging Operating Systems.

However I am sure that millions of people love Theresa May as long as they are single, have no elderly parents and are rich.

I did speak to one man that likes Theresa May. He came to our front door and asked us to vote Tory at the Local Elections. I asked him if he knew what it was like to watch your baby die in front of you because Theresa May lets U.K missiles kill babies in Yemen. He did not reply. In fact he left quite quickly.

For what reasons is Theresa May so popular?

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