What does the world think of Jeremy Corbyn?

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My answer to What does the world think of Jeremy Corbyn?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I doubt if the World gives a damn. The rest of the World has probably had enough of U.K Governments and Politicians acting as if the sun has not yet set on the British Empire.

When they have finished laughing at Boris Johnson, who should never have let out of London, they no doubt shake their heads in disbelief convinced we are committing economic suicide by dumping the best trading partner we have ever had – the E.U.

All the other Nations of the World have grown up now and do not need the U.K lecturing them about human rights whilst U.K bombs are killing children in Yemen.

If they do have the time to find out who Corbyn is they will wonder why he allows the Labour Party to be part of the most undemocratic house of representatives in the World – the House of Lords.

We the U.K are no longer the center of the Universe. I do not believe that the rest of the World cares who is our Prime Minister.

The World would be more than happy it the U.K Government were to worry about its domestic problems which are getting worse and stop lecturing them about theirs.

What does the world think of Jeremy Corbyn?

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