How can we remove all of the terrorists from the world for peace?

My answer to How can we remove all of the terrorists from the world for peace?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Despite there being an obvious answer it somehow has eluded the intellectually challenged people who are our World Leaders.

As they are incapable of working together to solve any of the problems of the world it is doubtful if there will ever be an end to terrorism.

The only way to stop terrorism is to remove the reasons for its existence.

You do not supply armaments to regimes who use them to kill innocent civilians . The sight of a 12 month old baby with its legs torn off and blood pouring out of what is left of its screaming dying body will ensure that somebody somewhere is your next terrorist.

You do not let your $600 Billion dollar a year American Military or your new Chinese Aircraft carrier or your Russian military truck fleet sit idle when only 5 hours flight time by military transport children are dying of starvation.

You do not sit in your comfortable multi-million Euro European Parliament building calculating how to subsidize the European Agriculture System which overproduces food. When less than 4 hours away by German Military Aircraft children die slowly in silent pain as their mouths swollen through lack of water close for the last time.

We are creating these situations and each results in a reaction to our inability to solve such basic problems as water supply.

We have the worst most ineffective World Leaders in the history of the World. They are unable to solve any of the World’s urgent problems.

Terrorism will continue because they are its cause.

To defeat terrorism we must ensure the people who support Terrorists have no need to.

How can we remove all of the terrorists from the world for peace?

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