Do convicted criminals deserve human rights?

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My answer to Do convicted criminals deserve human rights?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I would so like it if I could say No to this Question. I have been subjected to some very nasty painful experiences by a group of gutless sick depraved Evil vermin.

I have thought a lot about this because one day I will be faced with the decision that is implied by the Question. The vermin who came into my life have subjected me to some not insignificant pain. They have destroyed my life and the lives of many others.

One day I will find them. They will be standing in front of me. I will want to make them scream in pain. But I can’t. By choice. I want to know what makes people Evil. I want to listen to them understand their Evil and I want to understand it. I want them to understand that people are humans not objects. I want them to be afraid of what they have become.

I have to know and understand what makes a grown man subject a defenseless child to pain. Why do they do it? They have a choice. It has to stop. We cannot continue to let children be abused. They trust us to care for them. We must not betray that trust. Child abuse and sexual exploitation is out of control. Our Governments are doing nothing. Our Police lack the will to go hard. It has to be over. It is time to bring it to an end. That also includes children dying of war and starvation. What have we become?

The Questioner is right. Victims of crime have to live with what has been done to them for the rest of their lives. Child abuse and rape particularly.

Child abuse and rape stays with you forever. It marks you. It stains you. It cannot be washed away. It will eat you alive and gnaw at your very soul. You have to be very strong to withstand its Evil as it too tries to consume you.

What should we do with child abusers? Torture them? Castrate them? Boil them in hot oil? Whatever we do it will not stop the next. We must bring morality back to our lives if we are to stop child abuse. That means the Internet has to stop showing children being abused. Google has some soul-searching to do.

When some see children screaming in pain because a missile from a Government has killed them do perhaps they view children as objects to be abused?

Some will not think like me. The vermin will be taken away and dealt with by others who have suffered or have had relatives and friends suffer. There is nothing I can do about that. For those taken away it will be Hell on Earth.

Each of us must in life face the consequences of our own actions. Be you the President of America or the Prime Minister of the U.K. There is always a reckoning and there is always God’s reckoning. Nobody is above the Law.

Yet unless we find a way of vermin such as those who I have had to endure stopping their own Evil how can our Society ever have Peace? How can we rid our World of the violence that seeks to destroy it?

I have even questioned God. For I know there is a Hell and I know there is divine retribution. If it were not for God’s protection I would be dead. But then if I had to protect somebody I too would do what is necessary for that protection. Maybe God knows that Evil cannot be got rid of once it has entered the soul.

But we must give them rights. So many have died for that right. That right we have to make a choice between life and death. The very same choice God has given us each time that we welcome a disabled or sick child into the world. The choice so many have made who have died and suffered for our rights in wars and in protest.

Though that does not mean all the comforts of home and it does not sitting around all day doing nothing. I want the vermin to have nothing to read but the Quran and the Bible. They will become good.

Do convicted criminals deserve human rights?

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