Will the U.K. regret Brexit?

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My answer to Will the U.K. regret Brexit?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Absolutely. Henry Ford once said ‘It costs more to get a new customer than it does to retain an existing one’.

Theresa May who has never worked in a environment that seeks new markets and lives day to day would not have a clue about what is involved in entering a new market.

May is not even able to talk to real people in the General Election let alone face the reality of Brexit.

May who went on holiday to yodel in the Swiss Alps as soon as she became Prime Mister has been covered in a nice soft cuddly Ivory Tower for most of her life.

Nobody is going to roll out the red carpet and place orders with any U.K exporters.

The U.K makes nothing and sells nothing that cannot be made or sold by another Country.

We will be competing with cutting-edge companies who wake-up everyday and say ‘Destroy our U.K Competition’.

This is a conversation for our U.K Exports.

Sorry we do not speak English.

Sorry your compliance documentation has missed a dot on the Customs form.

Sorry we want you to pay for the storage.

Sorry but who are you?

Sorry but we must strip search you for drugs.

Sorry we have no idea where the container is.

Sorry but we do not have your payment and your exports have been confiscated.

Sorry the ship is full.

Sorry we do not like your Prime Minister so we do not buy British.

That is how it will be.

I know I was involved in importing Cranchi boats from Italy to Australia.

Of course we could always export the Reliant Three-Wheeler.

Yes Brexit will be hard very very hard.

Will the U.K. regret Brexit?

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