Is preventing terrorism more important than privacy?

My answer to Is preventing terrorism more important than privacy?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Intruding into Peoples’ lives will not stop Terrorism. It may and will stop individual acts of terrorism and it may and will allow the Security Services detect Networks.

But will it stop Mr X an American born Citizen who last night found out his niece had her head blown off by an American missile in Afghanistan from getting into his car and ramming it into a group of Americans or others?

No it will not.

Will it cause some citizens and their communities to feel even more disaffected from their Governments and Police and not share information with them?

Yes it will.

Will it mean in effect that to our Governments and Security Services we are all potential terrorists?

Yes it will.

Will our Governments contract out the Intrusion into our lives and in doing so allow our Privacy to be bought and sold by Contractors who are not secure or have only a Profit Motive?

Yes it will.

The only way to stop Terrorism is to remove its cause and change its message.

None of which we are doing.

It is not our Privacy that we should be concerned about as that has gone. We should now be concerned about who it has been given to.

Is preventing terrorism more important than privacy?

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