Why does nobody understand anybody?

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My answer to Why does nobody understand anybody?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The accessibility of listening and objective evaluation are the features of an advanced democratic and humane system. They allow citizen the opportunity to absorb what has been said and to understand the consequences of implementation. But in order for the citizen to want to listen he or she must trust and respect those who want to be listened to.

Without trust you will not believe what is being said and without respect you will not give credibility to what is being said. In fact you will not even listen.

For example. Do I understand my Prime Minister Theresa May? The answer is a clear No. I do not perceive Theresa May as being credible. Therefore I do not want to hear what May has to say. May has lost my trust and respect.

I understand why May is the person that she has become but I do not understand why she likes being that person which in turn means I do not listen to May. In fact I do not believe May enjoys being ‘Listen to me I am the Prime Minister’ but she believes she has no choice.

It is as if Theresa May and I are from different Worlds. Yet we both want the same thing. So why is it that I and Theresa May both want a World at Peace without War and Poverty yet we do not understand each other?

Or is it that I understand May but May does not want to understand me? What is May’s reality compared to mine? I believe I understand May. May has a fixed view of the World and refuses to accept that there could be any other. My view of the World is dynamic I want to constantly address its failures and have new ways of dealing with the problems of the World. May however has a fixed view which maintains the status quo. May has no new ideas.

Why is that? Because May is so surrounded by inadequate Politicians that unless May sticks to her highway the lack of any alternative road from them will cause May to crash.

May is the product of her own battle agaisnt sexism. May has had to compete in a male dominated World in a Conservative Party which has endemic sexism. In doing so May has protected herself by surrounding her theory of Politic with a shield. That shield is called selfish ambition. It is not that May is selfish but she has to be in order to succeed.

May knows that unless she has skin a inch thick she will not survive in an Establishment where the woman is still second best.

So May only understands her World in a way which makes her appear stronger than men. We have seen that this week with May ‘losing it’ when confronted with a solid opposition from the members of the E.U. Fine, but unfortunately May is now dealing with Europeans who are not as stereotyped as her fellow members of the Conservative Party.

This leads me back to the Question. We do not understand each other because we all have so many conflicting views of the World. In order to protect ourselves we retreat into them.

We have no common Goal to unite us. Our Faiths are disunited as they each seek to own God. Our Governments are no longer united within a United Nations. The U.N no longer furthers human rights and Peace and our communities have no voice. Our Planet is under threat from extremes of Climate and even that will not unite us. That is why we have become so polarized.

Without a common goal we do not have a bond to unite us all which will make us want to listen and understand our fellow Citizens.

Fine you say. But that means we will never have World Peace as unless we all understand each other than we cannot get on as one World.

Yes that is a possibility. But we now have Facebook. We also have young people. A new generation who want to get on and who are prepared to question. It is possible Facebook and other Social Media will unite disparate groups leading to a possible undercurrent society with an informal system of Government. This could lead to a competitor to centralized Government which is now badly out-of-date and needs urgent reform.

Our Governments have become a sub-culture all of their own. They exist apart from us. We no longer trust them and therefore we do find them credible. They have lost our respect. Lie upon Lie has been told to us. We no longer listen to them.

Our Governments must stop their corruption of morality in order for the Poeple to listen to them and therefore understand them.

The same for the individual. We cannot understand each other unless we are on a common platform, a common language of morality and a common Goal.

We must bring back Law and Order. We must stop corruption within Government and the Corporate World and we must all understand that each of us has a different version of the World in our heads.

In summary; to let others understand you must be credible. You have to have earned the respect with which you can command an audience. That means you do not allow two legal systems. You do not kill children. You do not support corrupt Governments. You must speak from a position of honesty.

Why does nobody understand anybody?

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