What if everything you had ever been told turned out to be a lie?

My answer to What if everything you had ever been told turned out to be a lie?

Answer by Desmond Last:

In some respects the Question is true to many of us.

I have been brought up to believe that the Forces of Law and Order and our Governments are beyond reproach. They seek only to serve their Public Duty in order to protect their citizens and do not lie.

I have worked with the Police. As a U.K Department of Transport Vehicle Examiner my expertise was used by the Police to determine the cause of serious accidents due to vehicle defects. I was once saved by being run over by a motorcycle Police Officer whilst inspecting the underside of a Truck during a road check – the driver tried to drive off whilst I was underneath.

I still have a respect but because of the abuse I have suffered from the Police it is tarnished. So too my respect of Government. Are they not their for our best interests?

Alas as I have discovered they will put their best interest before those of the people they are elected to serve.

Why is it that the gulf between citizen and State has become such that the citizen has lost the need to feel loyal not just to the State but to the Nation?

In my case I have been subject to the ‘legal abuse of Power’ that Governments have over us and increasingly so.

I believe it is because we have given our Governments and State all the Power we have of the responsibility for deciding our own fate to them. They have not become our Guardians but instead are our Prison Warders.

We have become shackled to more and more bureaucracy for which there is little the Citizen can do to have any influence over.

For me the lie is a shame and a disappointment.

Do I trust my Government? No. Do I trust any Government? No.

The lie has been that we can.

What if everything you had ever been told turned out to be a lie?

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