What do you think of Tony Blair’s return to politics?

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My answer to What do you think of Tony Blair's return to politics?

Answer by Desmond Last:

What is wrong with these ex-Prime Ministers and Presidents? Will they never leave us alone?

Cameron has bought the Taj Mahal of sheds so soon we will watch endless interviews of him as he publishes his rewrite of history.

Obama is going to make even more speeches in which nothing was or is his fault.

Soon Holland will join them complete with a map of Syria just in case he forgets the 300,000 civialns that he was party to letting die.

Pity Australia. They have 6 of them all wanting to be remembered for the mess of the Australian economy that had nothing to do with then.

But Blair. Well he is the champion. If Blair were a Boxer you would not be able to knock him out. He keeps coming back for more.

It must be the glamorous life and the spotlight he seeks because there is nothing else waiting for him.

Sorry Blair. You blew it. You had it all. The whole of the U.K to lead into the new Economy of Europe and instead you lead Europe into the U.K .

If that was not good enough you destroyed the Middle East – not on your own I might add.

What do I think of Tony Blair's return to Politics?

Mr Blair. Please go away. Do not come back until you have learned to listen – to the People and only after you have checked your facts.

What do you think of Tony Blair's return to politics?

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