Do people in Britain want to vote for Corbyn mainly because Corbyn is anti-austerity and anti-Trident?

My answer to Do people in Britain want to vote for Corbyn mainly because Corbyn is anti-austerity and anti-Trident?

Answer by Desmond Last:

In part yes. But I believe more so because of Theresa May’s universal poverty creep and failure to deal with ‘out of control’ child abuse and sexual exploitation as well as rampant cyber-crime. All of these are slowly inching itself across the people of the United Kingdom.

Is it right that Police Numbers are being cut whilst child sex abuse is rising? Inquiry’s are a waste of time and money. Instead we should employ dedicated ‘Child exploitation’ Police who investigate crimes not reports of children’s school behaviour – that is for the Social Services we still have left.

Yes May’s bible belt supporters of Middle England may have a job, a home and a holiday but for how much longer?

No longer can May’s Middle England’ plan and save all they can do now is scrimp and pay by credit card.

When you peer through the fog of ‘May Speak’ and wipe a tear as you dream of God speaking directly to May who apparently is waiting for divine intervention you find that May is Houdini. There is nothing there.

I do not know what spiritual uplifting May seeks from God when she lets our missiles kill children in Yemen but I am sure it does not get God’s vote.

'It's not a barrier in life' – Theresa May opens up on Type 1 diabetes

May’s Brexit, the Holy Grail of a renewed U.K export Industry, will in fact be the U.K swamped by cheaper imports. Whilst our Export Managers go to Night School to learn mandarin and Vietnamese.

Somewhere in Australia a Brit on Bondi Beach is trying to find out what it is Australians will want from the U.K all those expensive export freight miles away.

President Trump will want to know why we export more to the U.S. than the U.S does to the U.K. Just as he has done with Canada he will want to reverse the Trend.

Corbyn has successfully remained Leader of the Labour Party despite the Labour ‘Tory lookalikes’ who wanted to get rid of him. He is dedicated and not afraid to stick to his Principles.

Unlike May Corbyn has a Plan.

He wants the U.K to be proud of its citizens and he is willing to borrow the money to ensure that.

Yes Corbyn has to make sure he gets an economic return on his investment but as Ed Balls is off dancing that should not be too hard. It will need very careful structured planning but Corbyn’s plan has potential.

Corbyn is not more of the same but Theresa May is and it will get worse. Brexit will drain the U.K economy and May has no new ideas for the Economy.

As for Trident we can keep the existing Technology for another 30 years.

Corbyn would do well to remember that it is not the nuclear weapons we know about that are a threat it is the nuclear weapons we do not know about that are the greatest threat. In addition we can use our nuclear weapons to lead nuclear disarmament talks.

May is so obsessed with Political Party ambition that it is clouding her judgement.

May will not listen to any new ideas – I know I tried. Silence was the loud reply.

May’s failure to involve the people of the United Kingdom will be her downfall and soon.

Do people in Britain want to vote for Corbyn mainly because Corbyn is anti-austerity and anti-Trident?

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 15~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am employed as a full-time Security Officer for the NSW Government at Liverpool Hospital Sydney. I also act as an Engineering Consultant to EarthCruiser Australia.

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