What stops you from being a supervillain?

My answer to What stops you from being a supervillain?

Answer by Desmond Last:

A Super villain has to pay for his fun. Whereas a Superhero gets his fun from the satisfaction of using his superpowers of Principle, Honesty and Trust to defeat all villainy.

A Super Villain has a jealousy of those who are good and just and is always looking over his shoulder in the anticipation of the Super Hero delivering Justice.

Take the example of the arch super villain Boris Johnson who is a member of the Conservative Party and the U.K Government.

This is a man who has become a super villain to the children of Yemen. Even though his wife is a Human Rights Lawyer he has ignored the International Convention of Human Rights, the European Directive which does not allow E.U Countries to support regional disputes with the supply of arms, the Law of the United Kingdom which does not allow murder and the Bible and the Quran which also forbid the murder of children.

Now that makes him a super villain. He will one day have to face God and God will hand him his VIP Pass to Hell.

So what stops me from being a Super villain is that I want no part of making a baby scream in pain as it sees the blood pouring out of its body from where its legs where.

Supplying arms to a country who you know is going to use those arms to bomb children is the work of an Arch Super villain. I would rather starve than be part of it.

What stops you from being a supervillain?

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