Would life without Facebook be happier? What’s your opinion?

My answer to Would life without Facebook be happier? What's your opinion?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Facebook has become is a vital tool of Democracy and Human Rights. It has also earned a valuable place in Community Disaster Response.

Our Governments, particularly the U.K Government, no longer listen to the People.

Watch May during the Election. Theresa May will not answer your Question. May will only give you her answer. Not only that but May gets very annoyed if you then question her answer. It is May’s way and no other way.

We the People are no longer necessary for Government to exist as part of our system of ‘Nation’

So much of what was once ‘front line’ Government has been given away to third party corporate privatization that the Government no longer has to take responsibilty for much of the ‘governed’ part of our lives.

May is a particularly developed example of what Goverement has become; all the Power and no Responsibility.

My own personal experience of attempting to interact with May and her Government for the benefit of the United Kingdom has illustrated to me that May will not listen to anybody – only herself and her chosen inner sanctum.

That is dangerous. The U.K is a democracy not a totalitarian state,

Facebook allows the People to gather together their efforts to highlight causes and also crime, that the U.K Government in particular will not deal with.

We need Facebook now more than ever as our Government become more Powerful and less answerable.

‘A happy life is a Facebook Page to let the World know who is abusing you’.

Would life without Facebook be happier? What's your opinion?

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