How could Jeremy Corbyn win the election?

My answer to How could Jeremy Corbyn win the election?

Answer by Desmond Last:

With Honesty and Principle. The U.K is in need of the Truth.

I was out cycling this afternoon taking a break from the 24/7 I spend looking after my mum who is 88 this year.

I cannot work as the most time I can get off is 2.5 hours each afternoon.

Theresa May pays me £107 a week for looking after my mother.

I do not want sympathy. It is my choice.

As I was out cycling I rode past a sign it said ‘No more Bus Service It has been cancelled’.

Is this it? 6 years of Tory Government and there are no rural bus services for the elderly and the less-well off?

What happens after the next six years – no more footpaths?

Theresa May is not a Leader of the People of the United Kingdom. May is a product of a self-obsessed Party Machine.

May does what is right for herself and her Party not what is right for the Country.

Corbyn may not have all the answers but the answrs he does have are honest.

How could Jeremy Corbyn win the election?

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