Should Theresa may be Prime Minister?

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My answer to Should Theresa may be Prime Minister?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Theresa May is a liability to the economic security of the United Kingdom. May is also a debit to the Principle of the United Kingdom.

We are not a Nation to be bought and sold just because our Prime Minister is not able to manage the economy. We are also not a Nation who should be supplying arms to kill children in Yemen. No ifs or buts or Boris Johnson excuses – you do not kill children full stop.

Theresa May must take the people of the United Kingdom for fools. Does May really believe that the U.K economy is performing to its optimum. It may be the fifth largest in terms of turnover but it does not make any money for its social justice system to be able to maintain the standards that people have long worked hard for.

May is the product of a Global Political Machine who believe that today’s Principle is tomorrow’s commodity. May has no new ideas, no principles on which to support a Nation and May will not listen to any new ideas.

That is what makes May dangerous. As a Prime Minster, May has climbed into Westminster’s Ivory Tower and pulled up the drawbridge.

“ What people” May will say as the homeless grow in numbers, the zero hours contracts evolve into a new social underclass and yet still the gates of Dover remain open to whoever want to use the NHS.

May may be a good civil servant but a leader of a Nation that needs Principle Pride and new direction? Never.

Should Theresa may be priminister?

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