What is wrong with the British government?

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My answer to What is wrong with the British government?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The British Government will not listen or engage with any new Philosophy, ideas or new form of economic thinking other than its own and that of its inner circle reality bubble. That is its most obvious problem.

I have yet to hear of one ‘new’ idea to come from the British Government.

Their ideas are old, worn out, recycled or spun beyond existence.

The people of the United Kingdom have accepted a mediocre existence and for that you need a mediocre goverment – which is what they have got.

The opposition is no better.

The ‘People of the United Kingdom’ are bent over with false promise and lost expectation. They have only themselves to blame.

As they walk past me, heads bowed, eyes dulled by the loss of expectation with a an air of loss – the loss of pride, I want to shout at them ‘Wake-up’, it is your Nation, a land we were all once so proud of.

Why do you accept the mediocre and not want to strive for the impossible and in doing so make the impossible, possible?

But they would not listen. Their Government has trained them not to listen and think only to obey.

The United Kingdom needs leadership as a Nation in its own right not a Prime Minster who bows to the wind of any country which will trade with the U.K.

What is wrong with the British government?

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