How powerful is Australia?

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My answer to How powerful is Australia?

Answer by Desmond Last:

What Australia lacks in size it makes up for in heart.

Many brave Australians have died in battles many thousands of miles from their homeland.

The rights and wrongs of taking part in conflicts which are caused by the inability of so-called superpowers to resolve any conflict is another matter.

How often have we watched in sadness at the sight of brave Australians coming home in a flag-draped casket in awe of their bravery and asked ourselves is this ‘our war’?

We may not be a superpower in military might but we have a Military who are a superpower in their never-flinching resolve to assist in the fight against those who seek to force their way of life upon ourselves and others.

In my book that makes Australia a Global Super-Power.

How powerful is Australia?

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