Is there anything good about North Korea?

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My answer to Is there anything good about North Korea?

Answer by Desmond Last:

North Korea has not yet bombed children in Syria with Chemical weapons.

It has not invaded Iraq because it had weapons of mass destruction – which Iraq did not.

North Korea has not taken billions of dollars of Foreign Aid and spent it on executive jets and deposited it in overseas bank accounts and starved its citizens.

Note: North Korea has and does carry out human rights abuses on its own dissenters. Theresa May of the U.K is also guilty of human rights abuse by supplying armaments to Saudi Arabia which are used to kill children.

North Korea has not dropped a nuclear weapon on anybody.

North Korea has not killed anybody in any recent war.

North Korea is not bombing children in Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Congo and Iraq.

North Korea has not killed innocent people in Brussels, London, New York and Nice.

Will somebody anybody in our World of Intellectually challenged World Leaders get on plane and go to talk to Kim Jong Un.

Just one person. That is all it will take.

What the F..k is wrong with these world leaders?

Is there anything good about North Korea?

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