What would you do if God appeared in front of you?

My answer to What would you do if God appeared in front of you?

Answer by Desmond Last:

It is a difficult question. I want to answer it but I do not want to answer it. It is not something I talk about and I do not rant and rave about it.

However I will tempt being called insane by stating I have had the honor of seeing God before me and for that matter Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad.

It happened whilst I was in Sydney and my life was under threat.

Yes you can say ‘sure’. Yes you can say ‘liar’. But why would I want to lie. There is no benefit. There are some who know what I have been through and will wonder why I am still alive. Is it because of God they will ask?

At the time it was as if they were there before me; God, Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad all appeared by themselves, each alone.

But it is not till after it is over that you understand why it happened and what it means.

I am sure I am not the only person in the World this has happened to and others will say the same.

The appearance of the Majesty of the Heavens has helped me through some very hard times. It has also supported my belief that a World of Peace is the ‘World of God’ that God desires for each of us and that I have his protection and support in my work to achieve it. Which if you knew how much I have had to endure explains why I am still alive.

One day when I am able to enjoy a more humane life than that which I have at the moment I am sure it will enable people to understand God in a more universal way. One which will bring us together rather than tear us apart.

Of course it also makes it easier when discussing World Peace with Putin and Donald Trump and the Ayatollah of Iran and the Prime Minister of Israel. “ Well God said…….. and God wants………See what I mean.

It is also of help in my work to counter the extreme of faith that is advocated by ISIS and Al Qaeda.

As for what I did when God appeared before me. Nothing. I was too awed by by the moment, the reality of it and the color of it all.

That was it a moment of ‘awesome’. Which is of course God.

What would you do if God appeared in front of you?


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