Should you fight for peace?

My answer to Should you fight for peace?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Yes I believe that we should. Taking Syria as an example Assad has to go.

Putin is a fool to act as surrogate bodyguard to a dictator who has let 300,000 of his people die rather than resign and let a democratically elected government work with Russia and America to bring Peace to Syria.

I am glad I am not the President of the United States because I would send in the Marines to get rid of him.

He has lied and manipulated everybody in order to stay in Power and in doing so has cost people their lives.

If we want World Peace we must be prepare to stop conflicts with an overwhelming military legal force. To do that we must reform the United Nations.

Only then can a Global Military Force with a Peace Mandate stop conflicts and get rid of Governments who act against the human rights of their citizens with brute force or by enforced starvation becasue of corruption.

Should you fight for peace?


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