Why are there so many illegal immigrants in the United States?

My answer to Why are there so many illegal immigrants in the United States?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Because Americans employ them and in many instances pay them subsistence wages.

It will be interesting to see who is going to do all the seasonal agricultural work and other low-paid jobs once President Trump sends 11,000,000 back to South America.

It would have made more sense to first find out the Labour requirement then give visas to those who had no criminal records and have families to care for.

However, President Trump likes to dash of into the undergrowth without a map so America gets badly thought out policy implementation.

I agree with President Trump that the law has to be obeyed and illegal immigration has to stop. But as we are finding out President Trump has two legal systems. One for the disadvantaged and the other for the advantaged.

I spent some time in Laredo, New Mexico. I wonder why it is that President Trump has adopted a solution that will not stop the problem. The only long-term solution to stop illegal immigration is to improve the Mexican economy and there are new methods of achieving that which have not yet been tried.

But I suppose Steve Bannon oops I mean President Trump has not thought of that.

Why are there so many illegal immigrants in the United States?

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