Why don’t the British people abolish the Queen’s legal immunity from prosecution?

My answer to Why don't the British people abolish the Queen's legal immunity from prosecution?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I do not agree that the Queen is immune from prosecution.

The 1998 Human Rights Act, the European Convention of Human Rights and the International Convention of Human Rights do not contain any exemption for any person Royal Family or not.

The application of Human Rights Laws for both the European Convention and the International Convention is absolute.

There also has to be a distinction between the duty of her Office and its obligations and her actions as a human being.

Certainly there are no exemptions from any laws for the Head of the Church of England.

Therefore as the legal executor of the responsibilities of the requirement that the Church of England act within the law the Queen is obliged to adhere to all laws.

There is also the oath of Office taken by the Queen. Should that oath not be upheld then her position is no longer protected by any immunity.

in my opinion should the Queen be party to or have knowledge of a breach of the law which she then continues to allow to take place she could be prosecuted and face a jail term just like the rest of us.

Why don't the British people abolish the Queen's legal immunity from prosecution?

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