Why is Iran so poor?

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My answer to Why is Iran so poor?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Iran is not poor. It is a country which has enormous economic potential and a Nation of young people who do not want to be shackled to the whims of the White House.

It is rich in resources and has a leadership under the Ayatollah that appreciates the sacrifices his people have had to endure because of the Sanctions that they were subjected to.

It needs economic reform, it needs a broader tax base and care must be taken with its water resources but with the correct economic management it should become one of the World’s leading economies.

Iran and Israel need to build bridges. It is essential they learn to live with each other if we are to have Peace in the Middle East.

President Trump is going down the same old worn out road that Obama and Clinton have walked in attempt to control a region they are not part of.

Why oh why do these Presidents not get on planes and go to meet with those they so disagree with? Both North Korea and Iran should have been President Trumps first state visits.

Iran will only get stronger. It is unfortunate that because of our World Leader’s inability to put their differences aside that strength will involve a greater military budget which will not benefit the people.

Why is Iran so poor?

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