How corrupt is the UK?

My answer to How corrupt is the UK?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The U.K probably has the most sophisticated and developed endemic corruption in the World.

So much of the Government work has been contracted out to third parties and intermediaries that it no longer has any control of the integrity of its systems both at the system level and the financial transfer platforms.

Unfortunately the Government and the Civil Service are managed by people who are not only technically incompetent but also intellectually challenged by the level and complexity of the fraud.

The U.K Police are too starved of resources to investigate corruption that is part of the system rather than apart from it.

Chief Constables have become figure-heads for the Government rather than meaningful managers. They do not seem able to understand the interaction of the fraud by group(s) who have taken over the secondary systems of U.K Government both National and Local.

You only have to spend some time within the NHS to realise the waste and inefficiency which compounds the fraud and assists it.

The inability of the U.K Chief Constables to stop U.K cyber-crime is a good example of their ineptitude.

The U.K is a gold mine for sophisticated modern financial fraud and it is costing the people of the UK billions in lost tax revenue both received and spent.

However in apathetic Britain it is eyes to the ground and do as you are told.

The People seem unaware of how much fraud there is and it will continue to increase unless the Law is applied equally to everybody.

How corrupt is the UK?

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