How can a foreigner start up a food truck business in Australia?

My answer to How can a foreigner start up a food truck business in Australia?

Answer by Desmond Last:

As the once CEO and General Manager of Matilda's’ for 7 years in Sydney with 40 Food Trucks which we sold to Spotless Catering from Melbourne I can give you some advice.

You will need a fully-legal food truck which meets all Road Safety requirements. The truck will also have to maintain all food and drinks within the operating temperatures required by the Local Goverment and Federal Food Storage Laws.

Sydney gets very hot so a ice-machine will be needed to provide ice to complement or instead of any on-vehicle refrigeration system.

Any gas-fired oven will need to have a legal complaint gas system with a current certificate.

All gas ovens must be turned off when refueling at Petrol or LPG stations – a notice or a fail-safe system to that affect should be fitted on the vehicle.

Any refrigeration system which is required to be operated whilst stationary will have to be fitted so that any exhaust does not affect customer and operator.

All employed drivers and self-employed Operators must be covered by Workers Compensation Insurance.

You must have Public Liability Insurance.

The vehicle must have hand-washing facilities.

Any food storage and Food Preparation areas must comply with local Council and Federal regulations. They will need to be inspected by the Council. You must have a grease/waste trap fitted.

You will need permission to go on all busiess premises. You may need a local Council licence to operate for each of your trucks.

Your employees or Operators will need to attend Construction Worker Safety Courses in order to allow you to enter building sites and some other business sites too.

On the larger sites your employees or Operators may have to be a member of the Building Union.

It is a lucrative but very tough market. It is not a ‘walk in the Park’.

How can a foreigner start up a food truck business in Australia?

Author: Desmond Last

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