What’s your opinion regarding fashion designers who oppose dressing future First Lady Melania Trump?

My answer to What's your opinion regarding fashion designers who oppose dressing future First Lady Melania Trump?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Those Designers who oppose President Trump are entitled to voice and act out their dissent of his policies in any legal way they see fit.

I however would design for First Lady Melania Trump because I would value the opportunity it presents. I would be able to highlight my ‘Enterprise Communities’ and promote my ‘Enterprise Community’ system.

I do not value charity or Government Donar AID. They produce a dependence and promote corruption.

I would rather empower a community with a loan and mentoring to produce my designs and make a profit for themselves in order to payback the loan. They could then use some of the profit to lend to another community in their region and country.

All accounts should be paid by the lender. No money should be transferred into any Government, NGO or other third party accounts.

First Lady Melania Trump has already displayed an interest in those who are not able to help themselves. Why oppose somebody who can help others? The First Lady is not advocating any Polices that will reduce the rights of the People. For many, myself included, she is seen as separate to the White House Administration.

I believe she will make an excellent First Lady. The First Lady is an attractive looking woman who will be able to emphases styling and design which confronts conformity and mediocrity whilst emphasizing tone.

President Trump is here to stay. Outright opposition will not achieve anything. He is the President and if you want him to listen to your views and ideas you will not be able to do it from a Protest Barrier.

I am a supporter of President Trump but I am also one of his harshest critics.

Better to work with the Trump Administration because they need new ideas and are willing to listen. President Trump is a business man. In business you are always open to new ways of doing things.

What's your opinion regarding fashion designers who oppose dressing future First Lady Melania Trump?

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Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 12~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am also a Poet, singer/songwriter and I enjoy producing music and fashion concepts. All my writing and work is copyright protected

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