What is a unique theme for a fashion parade?

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My answer to What is a unique theme for a fashion parade?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I understand fashion as a leading edge for new thought. Fashion has to be seen to be heard just as our Voices must be heard if we are to enjoy a dynamic society.

My original fashion concept began as a voice of defiance which had to be heard. The only method to achieve that was to make sure that ‘style’ was an important part of my design. This enabled conformity to admire my style and the Establishment to admit my defiance.

Fashion and music are in the doldrums. Both neither inspire or provoke change.

To be unique you must do both. Look around the World. How can you inspire and provoke whilst addressing the material requirements of commerce?

Color edge and contrast are all apparent in Afghanistan. Here is a people who have been used and trod upon. Each day Afghans die of war and war related injuries.

Use the force of color and the edge of contrast with the calmness of the Peace that they so search for to inspire your uniqueness – make war and Afghanistan your theme. Of course you could do the same for Poverty and Violence against women.

Make your Fashion unique for its style’s ability to change its emotion and thought not its acceptance of the mediocre.

What is a unique theme for a fashion parade?

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