Why did God allow millions of Jews to die in WW2?

My answer to Why did God allow millions of Jews to die in WW2?

Answer by Desmond Last:

At this moment very little is being done to for the 20,000 children who will today die of malnutrition, starvation and disease.

Yet there is enough food and medical supplies in the World to stop them dying. There are laws, Human Rights Conventions, Human Rights Lawyers, Bishops, Archbishops, Imams, Military etc.

But the children will still die. Yet we know it is wrong and we have the emotions of desire to want them to live – given to us by God.

The People and Military of Germany had those same emotions. They choose to ignore them.

If God had not given us courage, belief, justice and humanity the World would be completely dominated by Evil.

Do you seriously expect God to actually carry out the acts of human dignity and respect for us?

You want God to intervene everything act of Evil is carried out by mankind who have been given everything they need to stop Evil?

It is no use blaming God for our own faults.

We and you are to blame for all Evil acts.

The World will not be one of Peace until we all use the right of Human Dignity to end all Evil.

If we want a World without Evil then we will have to ‘make it happen’.

Why did God allow millions of Jews to die in WW2?

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