What proof have you had of life after death?

My answer to What proof have you had of life after death?

Answer by Desmond Last:

A particularly nasty cowardly example of the human race decided to harm me. He decided that he would blind me.

Thanks to God (cheers mate) he did not succeed.

God sent me a dream. In it was a young man screaming. Obviously God had decided trying to blind me was a sin worthy of Hell. (Much of my writing work develops the ‘World Of God’).

I can describe the man who tried to harm me. Young, white, Caucasian/Asian, black hair, Asian style cut, solid to overweight build. That description is from the dream. I have never met the nasty gutless piece of work.

The nasty piece of work was pegged out on the ground.

He was screaming. Large sharp-beaked vultures were pecking his eyes out.

For him life is an eternity of pain.

That is my personal proof of life after death.

King, Queen, President, Prime Minister, Pope, Archbishop, General or Chief Constable and Steve Bannon all of us are equal before God and in Hell.

Hell does exist as a life after death.

What proof have you had of life after death?

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