Does ISIS care about climate change?

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My answer to Does ISIS care about climate change?

Answer by Desmond Last:

No. In ISIS world you take over the Middle East.

You kill anybody who will not become a follower of Islam and you stop people dreaming about naked women in their sleep.

ISIS have issued an order that all dreams that contain women must ensure that the women are wearing a burka.

ISIS can wreak havoc and destruction all over the Middle East whilst the rest of us have to make sure their air is nice and clean for them to breathe.

However the Taliban in Afghanistan are concerned about Climate Change. They recently put forward a policy statement for planting trees.…

Unlike China Russia and Pakistan who are holding talks with their representatives, America seems to be unaware of how quickly the Taliban are re-establishing themselves as the legitimate regime in Afghanistan.

Let us hope no more Americans are killed in a situation that is past its use by date.

Does ISIS care about climate change?

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