What do you think of British fashion?

My answer to What do you think of British fashion?

Answer by Desmond Last:

At the moment there is no British Fashion. My opinion of British Fashion is that it represents its Establishment; mediocre.

Fashion is to promote change, confront conformity and to style oneself with individuality.

At the moment British Fashion is a mixture of Naval Signalling Flags and hashed-up styling which represents the conformity it is designed to oppose.

Fashion is to make you comfortable with yourself. It is not to be worn so that everybody rolls around in hysterical laughter after you have gone.

Where is the style in designs that are put together as if Picasso had an off-day?

Using abstraction as a communicator in your style is fine provided there is a message within the abstraction.

Copying the same style or design is not developing an attitude. Which is what is missing in British Fashion.

British Fashion is has become Robotized; a clone of its social system.

What message does British Fashion give – an acceptance of the mediocre.

Which is what the country has become.

What do you think of British fashion?

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