Why are there sometimes tires along the sides of docks?

My answer to Why are there sometimes tires along the sides of docks?

Answer by Desmond Last:

They are there to prevent damage to the hull of a boat as she is berthed and is stationary on the berth.

it is better to use fenders. Fenders are long oblong plastic buffers filled with air.

But care must be taken on approach as a hard berthing will cause them to burst and collapse.

A boat on a berth for any length of time should have cloth covered fenders as the constant movement will cause a permanent mark on the fiberglass or paint of the hull.

When approaching a berth always take note of the direction of the current and wind.

You can use the current and wind to slow your approach.

If the wind and current are taking you into the berth then idle the motor and let the wind and tide take you in.

On very windy days be very careful. A strong wind may make it very difficult to leave the berth as it will hold you onto the pontoon. You will need to leave stern first.

Tyre's are mostly for large commercial vessels and do not suit recreational boats.

Why are there sometimes tires along the sides of docks?

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