Why doesn’t Australia transform and utilize all of its lands for agriculture?

My answer to Why doesn't Australia transform and utilize all of its lands for agriculture?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I began writing in Sydney about Climate Change 9 years ago. Not one Australian Politician ever responded to my new ideas for the Australian economy which included technology for the question you asked.

The Politicians of Australia are intellectually challenged by any form of Economic Enterprise that involves them leaving Canberra.

This problem is not just contained to Australia. As median wages and living standards were increasing in the Western Democracies citizens got on with their life’s and let mediocre Politicians mange their economies.

That was fine whilst Governments could borrow money rather than make it. But now they are running out of credit.

Australia is faced with the increasing cost of Climate Change and a declining resources sector.

It has Politicians who do not ‘have a clue’ and hence the People will suffer because Climate Change is turning Australia into a dust-bowl.

Now the People of Australia must suffer the consequences of their Government’s inability to innovate and prepare for Climate Change.

This includes leasing C130 fire-fighting aircraft from the U.S which the Royal Australian Air Force already have and could be used with the fire-fighting module they could buy or lease. Instead they lease aircraft from the U.S

That is an example of how little the Australia Governments are prepared for Climate Change.

Modular Airborne FireFighting System – Wikipedia

It is therefore hardly surprising they do not use the Israeli and Saudi Arabia technology to add agricultural land.

Why doesn't Australia transform and utilize all of its lands for agriculture?

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