How does one become at peace with the world after discovering so many awful things about it?

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My answer to How does one become at peace with the world after discovering so many awful things about it?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I do not believe that it is possible to be at Peace with the World. How can we be at Peace with the World when it is so cruel and selfish?.

We must not become like so many of our representatives of God who do not let forth God’s anger at those who they welcome into his Church every Sunday. Instead they welcome our Governments as if allowing children to die in pain and misery is the will of God.

We need to be at ‘anger’ with our World. We must not accept this World Order that causes so much misery and pain.

This can be achieved by doing all that is possible for one to do in order to change a World Order that allows the murder of children both by absolute Poverty and Government sponsored conflicts.

You do not have to want to bring down your Government or send all your money to a corrupt or inefficient charity to make a change. It is enough to reply to the oft heard remark ‘well its all their fault’ or ‘its not anything to do with me’. Stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Even the most selfish and greedy person in the World is in some way paying for our Governments inability to stop war and end poverty.

All wars could end today. The U.N Security Council members have 3 million serving military between them.

All Poverty could end today. There is enough food in the World for everybody.

Our Governments, and lets us all be frank about this, are mediocre in the extreme and ineffectually challenged by the problems of the World.

It is important we all make this decision. Our Governments are not the ‘brightest kids on the block’. I say this particularly of the U.K. Australia and Germany.

It might surprise you that I include Angela Merkel in my description but Merkel made a huge mistake in opening the borders of Germany to so many refugees. Many died in the Mediterranean because of Merkel’s Policy and now Germany is further divided than ever before. Merkel watched for 5 years as 300,000 Syrians were killed and did nothing. Merkel has also allowed the Euro to provide 40 per cent unemployment to young people in Italy under 25. So to similar for Spain and Portugal.

There are many, myself included, who know how to stop wars and end Poverty.

Unfortunately our Governments are so wrapped up in the belief that they alone have solutions and so protected by their bubbles of self-interest we with new ideas are totally ignored.

Our media are a group of hypocritical headline seeking parasites who do not seek to solve any problems only to use then for their own profit. President Trump is right. The Worlds mainstream media have ensured that our divided World is one in which they have a part in shaping. They ignore facts, disguise horrors and choose who to favor according to their political paymasters. I for one am sickened by our mainstream media and will never have anything to do with them. They are not in my opinion worthy of any contact at all. President Trump in his news conference this week was right to mock the BBC. They are one of the worst offenders.

We can all make a difference to the World by ignoring the likes of the BBC and CNN until they report all the truth objectively.

To see the World as a selfish and divided Planet is good. Becasue when you are able to make a stand or a change for good it brings Peace to your mind.

How does one become at peace with the world after discovering so many awful things about it?

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