Are you an Australian?

My answer to Are you an Australian?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Yes I am. I accept all cultures. I am willing to take a joke at my expense. I work hard.

I laugh at myself and the World. I know our Politicians are the lowest form of human life and cannot be trusted.

I care for the environment and want to help others.

I know all Poms (English) moan and should all stay in the U.K instead of spreading their misery and complaining everywhere.

I will not toff my hat to any Lord. I will not give respect unless it is earned and deserved.

The rich are there to make me rich not bow to them.

Work is to pay for my enjoyment.

When I go to the Casino I do not have to wear a tie,

The front passenger seat of a taxi is for me to talk to the driver who has the same status as me in the World.

Are you an Australian?

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