Are Australians more racist towards Asians?

My answer to Are Australians more racist towards Asians?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I can only speak from my experience of 25 years in Australia. I have also employed Asians worked with them and sold boats to them.

Yes there are some who will use a term I would not use to describe Asians but that is the only racism I have seen.

I am a ‘Pom’ and have been called names and certain references were made to my culture but so what. Big deal if somebody gets called a few names.

I have never seen any deliberate acts of racism in Australia towards Asians.

Australian Asians make a valuable contribution to Australia’s multi-cultural society and are welcome anywhere in Australia as are all races and cultures.

The only people not welcome in Australia are big-noting who know it all and think Australia is still a colony of the United Kingdom.

Are Australians more racist towards Asians?

Author: Desmond Last

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