What will soldiers wear in the future?

My answer to What will soldiers wear in the future?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Chemical Suits and Clothing which will have to be designed to deal with the extremes of Climate Change.

The senior officer of the U.K military Nicholas Carter and the Australian Defense Force seem determined to ignore raging bush-fires, extensive flooding, tidal surges and depleting fresh water. Yet Climate Change will be the new front line for the World’s military.

Climate Change has all the characteristics of an enemy. It has surprise, flanking movements , disruption to supply lines and overwhelming odds.

It can also be used as a Trojan Horse to take over a country and its effects can be worsened by localized chemical terrorism. The Military need a massive wake-up call.

Military personal will need clothing that is able to protect them from the toxic mix of chemicals released into our bio-system by any climate change disaster.


Chemical Hazards in Floods and Disasters

What will soldiers wear in the future?

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