Is world peace impossible to achieve?

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My answer to Is world peace impossible to achieve?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Yes and No. Yes it is impossible to achieve until we reform the United Nations. Yesterday President Trump said ‘one state solution or two state solution’ to the Middle East question.

Well done President Trump you just consigned millions of People into a state of uncertainty. Palestine is a state with people. ‘People’ are human beings not cattle. You cannot just herd them up into a Policy just because it suits your stance on Iran.

Instead of giving Iran the ‘Hillary Clinton’ treatment President Trump why not jump on a plane and go and speak to them. It will serve the interests of the whole world. Better still take the Prime Minster of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu with you. I am sure Iran will make you both very welcome. After all ‘Peace is the will of God’.

What is it with these World Leaders? Why will they not speak to each other?

Get with the program President Trump. You were elected to serve the best interests of the People. Well the people of Palestine are entitled to their statehood. Full stop. No discussion.

Yes we all want Israel to be safe and secure. But Israel has to co-exist with the wishes of all those who are adjacent to her.

Yes. We can have World Peace when we take the Power of the People and join it with our right to decide our fate in a United Nations we all have a vote in.

It is madness that we allow the ‘Peace of the World’ to be decided by two men. Putin and Trump.

Is world peace impossible to achieve?

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