What is the deepest thing you’ve ever come to realize in your life?

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My answer to What is the deepest thing you've ever come to realize in your life?

Answer by Desmond Last:

That the World is very evil. The evil exists because of the people themselves. Not by direct acts of violence but by their acceptance of the mediocre policies offered by Goverment to silence them.

Once a minimum standard of living is achieved people are so afraid of losing it they will not stand up to their governments – unless of course their Government is President Trump.

This has lead to Governments being able to peruse policies which kill children.

It is as simple as that. We allow our Governments to kill children. It does not matter how you spin it and avoid taking the blame there seems to be no ‘red line’.

We all know that right now children are being bombed in Yemen. Where are the mass Global protests?

Aleppo, Yemen, Afghanistan, U.K child abuse, South American and North American child trafficking and in every country of the World children are abused and killed.

Why do we allow our Governments to provide excuses and not solutions?

Our Government have no excuses. We have the Law, the Police and the Military.

We must stop letting Evil prosper becasue we will not stand up for those who cannot stand up for ourselves.

We must demand that of our Governments that which they demand of us. The application of the Law.

What is the deepest thing you've ever come to realize in your life?

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