What does the rest of the world think of England?

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My answer to What does the rest of the world think of England?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I am English Born in London. For the past 25 years I have lived in Sydney. My mother who is 87 is not well. I remain in the United Kingdom to look after mum.

This is what I ‘as the rest of the World’ think of England. England is not the United Kingdom. It is not all the new cultures to the United Kingdom.

It is the culture of the people of Nation who once would stand firm resolute and principled against anybody who attempted to force upon them their will.

That was the history that the World remembers of England.

Now the World ie me as the World, has a very different view of England. It is of a people dis-united and beaten almost senseless into complaint obligation by successive Governments who have not been ‘good enough’ to represent the People.

In the four years I have been back in the United Kingdom I have not heard one new idea from any member of the Government or Opposition. It is always the same old recycled worn out Establishment policies and the so-called left tirade of left vs right.

I wish I could involve myself in U.K Politics because on Day One as Prime Minister I would close the House of Lords and replace it with elected community representatives.

England has lost its identity. With that loss has gone pride, tradition and honor.

Just for once I wish the people of England would stand up to its ruling Elite and say

‘Enough of your spin and selfish politics’.

‘Enough of what is good for you and not the People.’

‘Enough of telling us we are the fifth largest economy in the World whilst we watch our Social Services be cut.’

‘Enough of telling us Brexit is what we want when it is you would could not reform the E.U and left us with no choice but to vote out of the E.U.’

That is what I as the World think of England; a once Proud Memory.

What does the rest of the world think of England?

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