Why is the climate change getting worse so fast?

My answer to Why is the climate change getting worse so fast?

Answer by Desmond Last:

You are in a car. It is going down a hill. You have 6 people in it. The car’s brakes have been designed to operate at their optimum efficiency with four people and new brake pads.

Your brake pads are almost down to the metal backing. The heat transferred to the atmosphere cannot be absorbed faster than the deterioration in the ability of the metal and pads to operate within their design parameters.

The brakes overheat. You go faster and faster. The energy and heat you produce cannot be absorbed and released rapidly enough to maintain optimum braking.

Your accelerating rate of descent now exceeds the adhesion between the tire and road. The car is not out of control.

Every second is acceleration of the factors which when produced increase the rate of change – the runaway effect. You are out of control.

That is why the rate of negative change to our Climate is increasing as our Climate overheats.

The effect of Climate Change is the negative result of the rate at which the World’s Pressure and Bio-systems are able to absorb the changes that we are producing.

We prefer to wage war and kill each other so we are not devoting the resources necessary to implement the systems needed to address Climate Change.

I have yet to see ISIS’s and Al Qaeda's policy for Climate Change or for that matter President Trump’s.

Why is the climate change getting worse so fast?

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