Why do we have to beat the Islamic State (ISIS)?

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My answer to Why do we have to beat the Islamic State (ISIS)?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The ‘beating’ of ISIS is the aim of the Military and Governments as their solution to terrorism and the defeat of an illegal armed group.

However they will never defeat ISIS unless they apply the same principles of justification they use to condemn ISIS on themselves.

Many of the Syrians who died in the civil war were killed by groups who were backed by the Governments who condemn ISIS.

The only way to ensure that ISIS and Al Qaeda do not contiue to gain support is to remove the reasons as to why ISIS and Al Qaeda exist.

  1. Stop killing innocent civilians in any and all areas of conflict. Over 1.5 Million civilians and soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan since 1979. The majority were Muslims.
  2. Stop taking sides in conflicts. The only military response must be a unified Global legal humane response with military odds of at least 3:1.
  3. For this point I condemn the U.K and U.S.A Governments. They have never responded to my new Philosophy which will counter the radical ‘Word of God’ by ISIS and Al Qaeda. We cannot defeat ISIS and Al Qaeda until we are able to offer an alternative understanding of God to their supporters.
  4. We must ensure our laws are applied equally to all.
  5. Stop giving support to any groups who are illegal.

Unless 1–5 above are part of our response to ISIS and Al Qaeda we will not defeat them.

Why do we have to beat the Islamic State (ISIS)?

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