Do any bosses or CEO’s drive a motorcycle to work?

My answer to Do any bosses or CEO's drive a motorcycle to work?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I was a Boss and CEO and I rode my motorcycle to work. My first ride as a boss was at the age of 21 when I was a partner in a car repair and petrol sales garage. I owned a Triumph 500 Daytona which I became an expert in grounding the foot-pegs going round corners. I also owned a Triumph ISDT 500 which I rode in the ditches on the way to work.

The next time I was a boss was when I was 34 and I bought a Ducati 860GTS and rode to work as the boss of Matilda’s in Sydney. I still own it – I am now 61. It is loud, turns heads and looks gr8.

I went to the Sydney Bandidos, Rebels and Comanchero Club Meetings. It was not me that got me in it was my Ducati.

As the owner of Sydney Boat Sales I owned my Ducati 860 GTS and a Ducati Monster 600 which is the best handling bike I have ever ridden.

I could take corners at sufficient speed to frighten myself. Which is a good way to relieve the stress of work but not recommended for safe riding.

I rode my Harley Iron 883 across America and up to Canada then down to Denver but I was not a boss then. When I rode into Galveston U.S two Bandidos rode in with me.

Motorcycles are a way of life and an exhilaration to enjoy. But you need to more ‘road aware’ than car drivers.

Do any bosses or CEO's drive a motorcycle to work?

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