What -if anything- will Trump’s phone call do to Australia’s internal politics?

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My answer to What -if anything- will Trump's phone call do to Australia's internal politics?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I hope it will produce a humane reality check for Australia’s ‘warm and cosy’ Australia Government who have had their reality bubble burst by Donald Trump

It is a policy that has no friends and has only provided Australia with a reputation for mans inhumanity against man.

John Howard the former Prime Minister lied when the refugees were drowned.

Abbott another former Prime Minister is the intellectually challenged Politician who said the boats should be towed back.

That statement must have bought cries of shocked amazement by the Royal Australian Navy.

Abbott did not care that a sinking wooden boat full of women children and men being towed by a frigate would have a wash that could sink the boats. He ignored tow rope ‘jerk’ which could pull the structure of the boat apart. He did not care that the boats which were sinking and would not make it back.

Tony Abbott displayed a complete lack of care which shows why he should not be a representative of the people let alone a Prime Minster. Gillard the so-called Labour caring Prime Minster, Rudd and now chastened Turnbull all have one thing in common – selfishness.

I am Australian. I have been to the refugee camp in Sydney. Rows and rows of barbed wire. Children who have been their for over five years. Refugees who wanted nothing other than a life, a job and safety.

Australia has the room and if it had Politicians with imagination and new ideas it could have an economy that could take more immigrants.

Every Australian Prime Minister has rejected my new economic ideas for Australia – ideas they do not have. They mismanage an economy that has bled the resources sector dry and they ignore Australia’s potential to use solar power to provide Asia with as much power as it needs. Yet 80% of Australia's energy comes from coal.

Malcolm Turnbull got what he deserved from Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is right . Why? Why would the U.S want to take refugees that were bound for Australia. Why is Australia not able to take them? If they can go to the U.S why can’t they go to America?

It is time the people of Australia stopped accepting mediocre Politicians with mediocre solution's to pressing and urgent problems.

What -if anything- will Trump's phone call do to Australia's internal politics?

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