How politically polarized is UK politics?

My answer to How politically polarized is UK politics?

Answer by Desmond Last:

U.K politics is not polarized by the opposite views of the Political Parties but by the Political Parties and the People. The Parties in the U.K do not act in the best interests of the people they act in the best interests of themselves.

The debate that began in Parliament on Brexit was not a debate. It was not fully attended throughout its duration. It certainly did not produce any new ideas or any new direction for the People.

It was a boring pathetic examples of MP’s making boring speeches about themselves and their own opinions on Brexit and M.P Rees-Mogg indulging in a pompous outline of history. It resembled no more a debate and exchange of views than the House of Lords on a Friday afternoon.

The People of the U.K have been conned. The Brexit vote was a political selfishness by Cameron to keep UKIP out. This was followed by Cameron's insignificant attempt to reform the E.U.

The people are now going to pay for the failure of their politicians to reform the E.U. They will pay in lower disposable incomes, in jobs loss and in a loss of investment in the U.K.

It is almost beyond any intelligent comprehension, that the most mediocre group of Politicians in the history of the United Kingdom, have been allowed to initiate the destruction of the economy of the United Kingdom in such a short space of time.

The E.U needs reform. The U.K needs to lead the reform. Over 50 per cent of Europeans want reform. Where is Oliver Cromwell when you need him?

How politically polarized is UK politics?

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