Has the UK’s military been reduced by spending points to the point it is no longer able to meet it’s national and international obligatio…

My answer to Has the UK's military been reduced by spending points to the point it is no longer able to meet it's n…

Answer by Desmond Last:

The Military of the United Kingdom have allowed themselves to be used to influence political decisions and party policy.

Whilst spending on the U.K military in 2017 is £47 billion in 2015 The MoD had to find £500 million (US $766.3 million) in savings.


What are the U.K’s international and national obligations? Our membership of NATO is costly and is dominated by a direction from the U.S.

Of course the U.K should be part of an alliance but is it time for a reform of how countries defend themselves?

Our military first obligation is to defend the borders of the United Kingdom. Are the military able to sustain a prolonged defense of our borders?

More importantly how will our Military cope when an extreme of climate change is used to attack the United Kingdom.

I would say that a worst case scenario for the United Kingdom of a climate extreme and an armed assault that includes a severe cyber attack would not be able to be repulsed by our existing structure and equipment.

Theresa May is putting the United Kingdom and military defenses at risk. Theresa May is an incompetent who will not enforce the laws on cyber-crime.

May has no idea of how much access U.K based cyber-criminals have had to military systems. MI5/6 appear to live in the same Alice in Wonderland as May with no attempt to close down U.K cyber-criminals.

Was the failure of the Trident missile a technical failure or cyber sabotage?

The cost of the Trident replacement is taking away much needed financial resources from the U.K’s conventional military needs. Is it time we moved to a land-based system?

Our Military are very experienced but as we leave Europe our Military may become sidelined without partnership.

What is needed is a new look at how the U.K is to maintain a realistic defense of its borders and how our Military will interact act with the new World Order Donald Trump will bring to the World.

Climate Change in an extreme situation will affect the U.K’s ability to meet its international commitments. We do not have the security of fuel supply in an extreme climate change situation and conflict to able to maintain an effective response.

The U.K economy is not making money. Being the fifth largest economy of turnover is not the same as being the fifth most profitable. How many more cuts are planned for the U.K Military?

The U.K Military must begin to plan for the defense of our borders not those of Poland. Putin and Russia need to be brought in from the Cold not further isolated.

A World conflcit is more likely to occur because of resurgence of a long-planned situation by an extreme right wing Global group using nuclear blackmail and chemical poisoning of water and food. It is also highly likely they will use air bursts of chemicals over major cities.

That is why Theresa May is a fool – a dangerous fool. The new front line is the cyber front. Our military and commercial systems do not have the same level of security as our conventional infrastructure. May has not allocated the resources required to ensure our cyber systems are protected and she has certainly not enforced the law to arrest them.

The defense of the U.K has been reduced by not allocating and directing the appropriate financial resources, by wasting money and not costing budgets correctly, by not addressing climate change and and by not applying the law.

Has the UK's military been reduced by spending points to the point it is no longer able to meet it's national and international obligatio…

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 15~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am employed as a full-time Security Officer for the NSW Government at Liverpool Hospital Sydney. I also act as an Engineering Consultant to EarthCruiser Australia.

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