What is the most British thing ever?

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My answer to What is the most British thing ever?

Answer by Desmond Last:

A cup of Tea. It is essential to any major crisis or evolving drama. Sir Winston Churchill would never have been able to lead the defeat of Hitler without it.

It was the secret weapon in the war against the Third Reich. Soldiers were able to engage in battle with the knowledge that ‘put the kettle on’ was the sound of victory.

Woe betide anybody who cleaned out the pot. This was a crime worse than treason as it would remove the accumulated taste of 000’s of cups of tea.

Unfortunately the invasion of curried prawns in the U.K’s fish and chip shops and the aroma of coffee in every high street has diluted the British character.

Theresa May will need a very strong cup of tea to fortify her in my court case against the U.K Government. For I am English born in London and a staunch believer in that other very British characteristic a strong respect of Law and Order and fair treatment for all.

What is the most British thing ever?

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