I think I have been Abducted by aliens?

My answer to I think I have been Abducted by aliens?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Are you sure it was aliens? It could have been Donald Trump’s Mind Program Team.

It is possible that Trump wants to control all thought. As you know he does not like it when he is not loved by the whole world. To ensure that the world loves him he may be arresting people who have bad thoughts about him.

Trumpy can't get to sleep at night as he is too busy counting up all the people in the World who love him.

He intends to have whole teams of people physically counting those who love him.

He is also going to rewrite the history books so that only good things are said about him.

Of course it could have been aliens but they may have been so concerned that Donald Trump wanted them to say they loved him that they left Planet Earth.

I think I have been Abducted by aliens?

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