Is President Trump’s extreme vetting immigration order unconstitutional?

My answer to Is President Trump's extreme vetting immigration order unconstitutional?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The Executive Order was part of Donald Trump’s Election promise. There can be no disagreement that people in America have been murdered by acts related to terrorism.

It is the Government's duty to protect his citizens. That too can have no disagreement.

The existing vetting system(s) do not ensure that a thorough examination is made of background and suitability to the American way of life. It can hardly be unconstitutional to want to ensure that the Constitution as a enforcement document to protect American citizens is protected by more detailed vetting. The use of the world ‘extreme’ is not appropriate – ‘detailed’ would have been better.

I have read through the Executive Order. I am a staunch supporter of Human rights much to the dismay of the United Kingdom Government – a matter for court one day.

However the document was put together in a way which does show support for human rights whislt protecting the American Citizens.

Executive Order – Immigration and Refugees1.pdf

What the media have not mentioned is that the Order specifically seeks protection for violence against women, for women under threat from honour killings, religious persecution and sexual orientation.

The Order has a time limit and it also put Trump on the line with Syria and Russia.

Trump wants Refugees Protected Areas – an idea I myself have put forward in the past. However they will need protection should any military force seek to abuse the Protection.

It is also disappointing that Trump and his team did not seek to allow ‘temporary migration’ until such time as the Conflict land was in a formal Peace so they could be returned to their home Country. Something Merkel should have considered.

Overall it is a document to ensure that vetting becomes more detailed. Which is what all of us would hope for in all of our countres where terrorism has lead to bloody deaths.

I am also disappointed that Trump continues to ignore my new Philosophy which has an alternative view of Counter Terrorism. The Lone Wolf style killings in America will not be stopped by his Executive Order.

Is President Trump's extreme vetting immigration order unconstitutional?

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