What made you laugh out loud recently?

My answer to What made you laugh out loud recently?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I switched to the U.K T.V Channel that was transmitting the House of Commons live.

Now this is the centre of democracy in the U.K. This is where decisions are made that affect millions of lives. This is where a massive infrastructure of civil service acts to support and provide the U.K’s supposed democracy.

This is where Bills are debated which every person in the U.K has a voice of dissent or approval through their elected representative.

There were 4 M.P’s in there.

Then I watched the House of Lords. Where people who are not elected by the citizens of the U.K represent the views of the Citizen. This despite they never ask for theri views.

There were three members of the House of Lords in there. I laughed out loud.

In 2017 in a year where the future of the E.U hangs on a democratic thread – democracy was not at home.

It was in a bar somewhere, or a cocktail party or a charity ball.

It was not with the growing homeless, the over-stretched NHS or the queues at the food banks. It was not with the zero-hours contracts or with the minimum hours contracts. It was not with the overstretched Police or the Customs officer at Dover who do not search every vehicle.

It was not with the selfish ‘look at me’ intelligentsia who are wasting the money of the People by disputing a vote made by the people.

Get a life Parliament and stop destroying those of your citizens.

What made you laugh out loud recently?

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